Computational Biology
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario

This is the homepage for Brian Golding. My laboratory at McMaster University is interested in the area of molecular evolution, bioinformatics, and sequence analysis. Our research attempts to understand how the processes of evolution act to cause the changes observed between molecules, between genes and between genomes.

The recent advances in molecular genetics are providing a storm of new data on DNA sequences, on gene structure and higher order genomic structure. However, the implications of these new data are not always clear. This area of scientific inquiry is a relatively new inter-disciplinary field between biology, computer science and mathematics. We make use of computer based analysis, statistical analysis and mathematical models to answer broad questions about the molecular biology of all organisms.

All of our work deals with aspects of bioinformatics/computational biology/molecular evolution. Currently we are examining

  1. The relationships of amino acid replacements to the three dimensional structure of proteins and what controls the patterns of these replacements.
  2. The presence of unusual repetitive segements in proteins. What are they doing there, how did they originate, why are they not in protein structures but are in the sequence data, how to efficiently detect them?
  3. The detection of horizontally transferred genes. The patterns of transfer between species. What limits horizontal transfer (are there any limits)? How do transfers occur? What size chunks are transferred etc?
  4. Theoretical studies of the dynamics of genes in populations and species.

For one page summaries of a few recent publications see

protein structure and evolutionary rate Sinorhizobium project gene transfers in E. coli
isocitrate engineering protein repeats
If you would like to know more, you can explore my web site or give me a call at 905-525-9140 x 24829.

To contact me, send email to Golding@McMaster.CA.

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