Selected Search Strategies

If you find something useful that you would like listed here please mail me a message and I will add them to this page.

A good place to start for any search is the collection of WWW search engines or a choice from a catalogue of search engines. A webcrawler interface is

WebCrawler AND words together

To search for biology related WWW info try Keith Robison's WWW Virtual Library: Biosciences (and its corresponding virtual library Biosciencesx, or direct to its evolution section), or the W3 Biology Research Tools. For a search of mathematical topics try CSC Mathematical Topics search services.

For software see

Or you can always find something interesting at the bionet pages.

To search for people try

To search library catalogues try

The first major biological journal to go entirely "on-line" (to my knowledge) was the Journal of Biological Chemistry -- check out JBC. There are now many other journals on-line and for links to these see

For free FAX's see the FlexFax system.

To search for MSDS sheets try,,,,, or for biohazards

For an archive of TIBS Methods and Reagents column or for the Methods FAQ list.